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Give ANYTHING a webpage!

With Done you can give anything a simple webpage, be it your kitchen fridge, the local community project, that coffee machine you can never remember how to fix, or documents and letters.

To share your Done items simply give people the unique item id, dedicated link, or show them the dedicated QR Code for them to scan. It's that easy.

Why does Done exist?

We created Done because searching for the right information can be difficult and time consuming! Most times you just want the right information without searching over lots of different sources and forming your own decision. With Done you get access to exactly what you need, in the shortest amount of time, with any device, at the speed of thought! Done is a find engine, you don't search for something, you find it! Enter the item number at Done and get what you're looking for.

How can Done help businesses?

Done can help in lots of ways, be it accessing the procedure to safety check a machine by scanning the sticker, or by tracking the latest version of documents and PDFs by scanning the QR code or using the number, Done can give the correct information, instantly.

There are hundreds of ways that Done can help your business. Here are just a few...

  • Allow customers to submit 100% anonymous feedback via a quick to access form so you build a better product or service.
  • Give employees instant access to certain documents, procedures, latest updates, secure details, and much more.
  • Create quick webpages for meetings, presentations and events so people can download minutes, latest updates, supporting documents etc.
  • Report things! Members of the public or people in your organisation could enter the number or scan the QR code of your assets to report a problem or just feedback that can help you.
  • You are here! Scan or enter the number to see what's around you, with suggestions depending on time of day or day of the week.
  • Scan to subscribe/unsubscribe, quick and easy! People can show their interest by visiting your page and a quick and easy form.
  • 'Alert me when ready' type pages.
  • Scan this for a tutorial on how to use this machine.
  • Create easy to remember website redirects that point to certain resources via scanning a QR code or entering the item number.

What about security?

Every item you create can either be open to everyone or have limited access in the form of 'login required' for your group/company/organisation or have password protection and a secure link which needs to be present for access. It's really up to you.

Awesome, how can we get started?

Simply contact us and we'll get things moving!

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